can we make it last like a musical ride?

Title courtesy of Neil. These days, my late evenings have been filled with flickering campfires, a handful of friends warbling and strumming the depressing ballads of Mr. Young, and (many) beverages of the wheat variety. Go ahead, feel sorry for me. (My days have been both full and early. I’m going to need to get a bit more sleep in the coming weeks…) Anyway, I’m in town for the evening to run some errands before heading back out, and have worked up the motivation for a post. After all, I have sweater progress to share!

This is really coming along. I am halfway through the portion below the gathered section — which is significant, because in order to create that pintuck effect, you actually double the body stitches at the “gather”, making the knitting seem extremely slow-going. This sweater has gorgeous drape, and I am excited to complete it. My only concern is that it won’t be “me”, but I’ll have to finish it to find out.

Here are a few pictures from the week:

Boh has found a dear friend — I think he’s going to have a good summer frolicking with Oso.

Some Indian Paintbrush I stopped to photograph on my morning walk to the office. More soon. Have a great week!


sunday market shawl — and snow!

I know it is a little blurry, but there is just something I like about this picture, so it’s what you get. I am very happy with how version 2 of the sunday market shawl (Dream in Color Smooshy, size 10 needles) turned out, though I must say, it grew tremendously in length, but not so much in width. I may make a massive version of this for myself someday — maybe double in width?  It is way longer than I am. (Note: the lack of growth in width could be related to the way I blocked it — sans pins, on a beach towel on a backyard table with the ends draped over chairs because it didn’t quite fit on the table…) I can’t wait to give this to the friend who has been waiting ever so patiently for her birthday scarf — I’ll do that the next time I’m in town.

This is what I woke up to yesterday, here at Base Camp. Crazy — but lots of fun. Fires were built, layers were donned, and the dog frolicked. It melted by mid-morning. The fact that I am posting today means that I finally got everything networked (hooray), so it looks like I will be able to blog this summer, though it will likely be far more sporadic than my almost daily posts of the last few months. I am certainly knitting — more of the yoke of the gathered cardi to share soon!

minimal knitting content, but look — snow!

As promised, here are a few pictures of our adventures about 100 miles west and about 3000 feet higher. First, a traffic jam. The guy in the pickup ahead of us was asleep at the railroad crossing. After about 15 minutes and a phone call to our destination (in which we considered leaving the car and climbing through the spaces between the stalled train cars), we turned around.


some weather-appropriate graffiti:


The sky, particularly when it is this color, is one of my favorite parts of being out here:



Boh and I took a walk before heading back yesterday morning. I love the way the early mornings seem to make everything glow.



Oh, right. I’ve also been knitting. Here’s a shot of Mom’s Montego Bay scarf. I’d say it is a bit over 3 feet in length, so I am more than halfway. I’d love for it to be perfect, but that is not quite happening. I’ve done some ripping back because I’ve messed up my counting or dropped a yarn over, but the stitches are so small that I am realizing that I can hardly see the rows where that happens, so I am leaving it. Also, under a time crunch. Full disclosure aside, this is GORGEOUS. Nice to have a lace pattern that is a bit forgiving when you discover a mistake 3 inches back….


I just hope I can get it finished in time!