I think I’m cheating a bit, because I started this sock in July, but I am still working on it. (By working, I mean that I am carrying it around in my bag this week.) It IS October, and it IS a sock-in-progress. The yarn is Fleece Artist in the Tiger colorway, and I do like it a whole lot. The stripes are very pretty, and I am excited to wear these someday. Emphasis on someday.



This is my second pair of socks. My first pair turned out pretty well, though I definitely had some laddering on the sole, and a few gaping stitches where I picked up at the heel. I tend to drop stitches when I work on these before my coffee has kicked in, or when I am trying to watch TV. Another thought: though I have never been into the hands free cell phone thingamajig, I see the value of being able to knit and talk on the phone at the same time…


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