garter st therapy

Sometimes you just need it. I cast on for this bib on Friday night, mostly because there was a chance we’d be going to the movies, and I wanted something that I could knit in the dark. I just kept working on it, enjoying and truly needing the soothing powers of garter stitch to help me take a deep breath and continue with my weekend.


It’s working. I’ve already cast on for a second bib. (These projects also have the added benefit of requiring a button, meaning I get to visit my LYS soon.)

Thank you for all of the birthday wishes. I celebrated with delicious meals and board games among friends, walks along the river and in the foothills with the dog,  and many long overdue phone calls with those dearest to me.


The sun is shining brightly this morning– spring is slowly springing here. Hope you get some sunshine today too.


seaming victory (!)

¬†Yesterday was a big day for me — I seamed the kimono baby sweater, and it looks respectable! Let me back up. My internet fiasco (not entirely solved, but I can access the internet from an old laptop here at my casita) led me to a nearby cafe. As I made my way to a table, cup of soup in hand, ready to catch up on the internet and download some work files, I noticed that many of the ladies at the next table were holding yarny things — and they looked friendly! I introduced myself and told them I would join next week, but after 10 minutes of work, I packed up the laptop and pulled the tiger sock out of my bag. I had such a lovely time with them, and I look forward to making this tiny knitting circle at my favorite coffee shop a regular part of my routine.

Anyway, one of the women mentioned that the kimono was her first sweater seaming project, and she encouraged me to go for it. Here are the results:


Also, I began this sweater when the sex of the baby was unknown. Then I learned it would be a boy. This week, I heard that my friends got a second opinion, and it is a girl! That meant that I could use ribbons instead of a more manly button.



Boh is sharing in my joy. With the kimono finished, I am feeling great about my ability to finish things! I completed the pair of Dashing for my brother, and somehow I cast on and bound off a luxe neckwarmer (from Knit 2 Together) today. It is made of Patagonia cotton in a blue semi-solid (first picture captures the color best) and it is for my mom — she can’t wear wool.




This was quick and fun to make. I used a size 11 circular instead of the recommended 10s because I only have dpns in 10s. This made it a bit slouchier, which I think my mom will like.

I just realized that I haven’t yet shared my holiday list — it is ever evolving, but here is what I have in mind right now:

Brother — Dashing (done)

Best Friend — Purl Scarf (done)

Mom — Luxe Neckwarmer (done), something for kitchen?

I’m trying to keep some simple hats on the needles, as I’d like to bring a few extra home for cousins, etc. and I’ve thought about making one for my boss, but if that doesn’t happen, I won’t be heartbroken.

My list is surprisingly realistic — how did that happen?

Also, I started another “My so called scarf” in Malabrigo — on 10s because I have them in metal, and this pattern needs all the slipperyness and sharp points it can get. I can’t tell if the fabric is too tight yet — not enough to go on, but I hope swapping 10s for 11s doesn’t compromise the drape. Pictures of that soon.

I have a few more days off before I am back to work and work-related travel, and I’m planning even more knitting progress. What have you been working on this holiday weekend?

brrrr! (also, I admit my fear of finishing.)

Good morning! It dropped into the thirties here last night, which means that I can finally wear all of the knitted things I have been working on out of the house. (You know, and people will think my layers are normal. I have been wearing some items already, even though it hasn’t really been cold enough.)

I’m beginning to get slightly nervous — I don’t want my blogging about knitting to get in the way of actually knitting! Soon I will run out of WIPs to share, which will give me no excuse but to work on these things I keep telling you about. First, another Fetching. These are going to be a gift, and I am remembering how fast and fun this pattern is! Take a look:


Disaster has struck — Boh just grabbed the Baby Bib O’Love (finished, sans button) and managed to gnaw through a single stitch. I managed to find the ends and attach them together with a not so pretty knot (spitting and joining doesn’t work for cotton, right?) and I think I can hide it by attaching an additional decorative button or something right there. I’ll keep you posted on that. Speaking on finishing, I made the Heartbreakingly Cute Baby Kimono from Mason-Dixon Knitting a few months ago, but I haven’t been able to work up the courage to seam it. I’ve looked at some finishing books and read some tutorials, so I understand the concept, but I’m scared. I know that I need to develop some comfort with finishing so that I can move onto more complex projects. I’m hoping that writing this down will force me to just try it so I can share the outcome with you. Here are a few pictures of the kimono:



I have some navy blue ribbon for the closure. This is a gift for friends who are pregnant — they just found out that it’s a boy! In real life, this is a bit brighter than a traditional sea foam green.

In Ravelry news, less than 300 people ahead of me now — I am excited!