like i really needed an enabler…

So…I am at work, but I somehow managed to place a serious internet yarn order. Ravelry makes it super easy to figure out which things in my queue that I can make from my stash, and which projects require additional yarn. In my defense, I don’t really own a sweater’s amount of anything, as I didn’t quite understand the yardage required to make different kinds of knitted accessories and garments when I was getting started. Well (rooster puts her foot down) that ends today. Or, err, when my large box of yarn arrives…

I promise to confess to each purchase when it arrives, with full photo-documentation and my intentions for each skein.

Happy Wednesday!


i’m in!

I am now on Ravelry — you can find me there as barefootrooster. I’m glad I started taking pictures of my stash over the weekend! Also, I just got back from practice, and our girls made us shirts that say COACH on the back. I never imagined that coaching would be this rewarding.

Here’s a gratuitous dog shot. Boh is reenacting Duck Hunt (you know, the game that came with the original Nintendo. When I saw this mallard in the grocery store, I couldn’t resist.)