Hello, friends. Rooster here, typing to you from the smartest phone I’ve ever had. It was time to trade in my trusty Razr, and while six months ago (when I bought that phone another battery) I was looking for something simple, this time around the lure of the internet (all the time) and the explosion of texting/social networking among friends old and new made taking advantage of this upgrade offer to get something shiny and fancy a no-brainer. And whoa – I can even blog from this thing!

I am attempting to add a photo, also taken by my new blackberry curve. Here we go! Regular laptop blogging will resume shortly. Happy weekend!


5 thoughts on “smart.

  1. Congrats on your new bit of technology! Boh doesn’t look too impressed-lol.

  2. Fun! I still haven’t really mastered the Blackberry… what I’m really keen on is the iPad! It’s at the top of my wish list.

    Boh looks so cozy and content.

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