agnes in action.

I’ve been wearing Agnes pretty much since I returned home from last week’s research trip to the land of Mick. (How great is it that knitting friends live near archives?!) The weather has turned chilly and extremely fall-like, and Agnes is serving exactly the purpose I imagined for her: a cozy warm layer for mornings and evenings. (I’m wearing Agnes right now, and if I weren’t typing, my hands would be in the pockets.)

Stay tuned for some accidental socktober knitting — I’ve just turned the heel on my second unfancy sock!


accidental socktober.

So, remember how I started a pair of Gentleman’s Fancy Socks? In January? Well, they are no longer fancy. I was running out the door yesterday to head to an afternoon lecture, and realized that I didn’t have any lecture-appropriate knitting. (Read: simple, involving wooden needles, and able to keep me busy for two hours.) See, I’m decreasing for the crown of the windschief hat, which means that at any moment I’ll need to switch to DPNs — and the circ is metal. And it will take less than two hours. And I am on one of the counting rows of the Citron, and the lace yarn is so thin that I really have to squint at it. And I’m still increasing on Idlewood, and my Kerrera is languishing, waiting for me to pick up the sleeve stitches…

So there I was, surrounded by WIPs with nothing to knit. And then I remembered these socks. And decided that I would work on the ribbing, and if I got past that, they would just become simple, autumnal, stockinette socks. And despite the pooling (not sure if you can see that super clearly in the photo, but it’s there), I love them. I even want to go to more lectures so I can keep knitting on them.

And now I need some guidance:

I got pretty soaked walking home (even with my umbrella) on Thursday in some blustery, rainy weather. And I accidentally ripped the bind off of these socks (which is bit tight) in getting out of my wet clothes. What is the best way to repair this? I’m sure I can just secure these stitches with some sock yarn, but is there something else I should be considering?

socktober 2009.


Here are my socks-in-progress. (Last year’s Through the Loops Mystery Sock is in my office, nowhere near completed.) As you all know, I’ve made great strides in the sock-knitting department this year: toe-up, magic loop, lace patterns, chart reading, oh my!

Despite these gains, something happened to my sock knitting mojo with the change of the seasons. Yes, it is getting cold enough to warrant the wearing of socks, but the arrival of fall signifies prime sweater-knitting time. I’m hoping to establish a bit more of a balance this socktober, and it would be great to get back on track with the Socks from the Toe Up KAL. (See the July and August socks languishing above.)

hot toddy

Thanks for all your kind and comforting happy thoughts about the flu I’m trying to beat. Even though I spent several hours sitting on the couch yesterday with my knitting in my lap, I managed to knit only about 4 rows of my garter yoke cardigan. (Boo. Sick Rooster.) After lots of whining, several mugs of turkey broth, and a few hot toddies, I woke up today feeling cautiously optimistic that I’m improving.Though I am going to head to campus for a few hours, I promise to continue taking it easy. Happy Socktober!

squash is one of the reasons I love fall.

Titled for you, Champ.


This is one of the most delicious things that has ever been prepared in my kitchen: a roasted butternut squash and carmelized onion galette. Recipe can be found here, at Smitten Kitchen, where the photos are always drool-worthy and the deliciousness is routinely replicable. Thanks, Deb.

I’m so close to finishing my June Bug socks. So close. Like, I just have to knit the toe. Though I’ve again failed to complete a pair of socks during the month of Socktober, if I can get these finished this week, they will still be the fastest pair of socks I’ve ever knit. I’d like to make a few pairs as Christmas presents this year, so I’ll have to work on my speediness…