socktober 2009.


Here are my socks-in-progress. (Last year’s Through the Loops Mystery Sock is in my office, nowhere near completed.) As you all know, I’ve made great strides in the sock-knitting department this year: toe-up, magic loop, lace patterns, chart reading, oh my!

Despite these gains, something happened to my sock knitting mojo with the change of the seasons. Yes, it is getting cold enough to warrant the wearing of socks, but the arrival of fall signifies prime sweater-knitting time. I’m hoping to establish a bit more of a balance this socktober, and it would be great to get back on track with the Socks from the Toe Up KAL. (See the July and August socks languishing above.)

hot toddy

Thanks for all your kind and comforting happy thoughts about the flu I’m trying to beat. Even though I spent several hours sitting on the couch yesterday with my knitting in my lap, I managed to knit only about 4 rows of my garter yoke cardigan. (Boo. Sick Rooster.) After lots of whining, several mugs of turkey broth, and a few hot toddies, I woke up today feeling cautiously optimistic that I’m improving.Though I am going to head to campus for a few hours, I promise to continue taking it easy. Happy Socktober!


6 thoughts on “socktober 2009.

  1. I am happy that you are feeling a little better!! Being sick sucks.
    I need to do a sock this month, too….. :-)

  2. I seem to have misplaced my sock knitting mojo, I think it got squashed by my shawl and sweater knitting mojo…

    Hope you feel better soon, Amy.

  3. I think whining is an essential part of the recovery process. I can’t believe it’s Socktober time again … I still have a pair languishing from last year. Sigh.

  4. I hope you’re on the mend now. I’ve been nursing my kids all week and today my throat is sore. Argh. I’m frantically trying to get stuff done in case I’m out for the count in a few hours.

    I have some socks underway, but I’m debating about Kirsten’s Mystery Sock, since I sort of started last year’s and never finished them. Though I’m heavy into sweaters right now, too.

  5. I hope you’re feeling better today!! And I totally agree with you about the cooler weather/sweater knitting. Even the process of knitting a sweater is nice and cozy, especially if it’s a seamless sweater that covers your whole lap while you’re finishing up/working on the sleeves. Again, I hope today truly is the day that you start feeling better!

  6. I hope you really are getting better now! My sock knitting mojo has abandoned me, it seems…I’m just too obsessed with knitting/designing sweaters to really want to knit socks. But I do wish I had more handknit socks, so maybe I should try to make a point of knitting them again.

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