accidental socktober.

So, remember how I started a pair of Gentleman’s Fancy Socks? In January? Well, they are no longer fancy. I was running out the door yesterday to head to an afternoon lecture, and realized that I didn’t have any lecture-appropriate knitting. (Read: simple, involving wooden needles, and able to keep me busy for two hours.) See, I’m decreasing for the crown of the windschief hat, which means that at any moment I’ll need to switch to DPNs — and the circ is metal. And it will take less than two hours. And I am on one of the counting rows of the Citron, and the lace yarn is so thin that I really have to squint at it. And I’m still increasing on Idlewood, and my Kerrera is languishing, waiting for me to pick up the sleeve stitches…

So there I was, surrounded by WIPs with nothing to knit. And then I remembered these socks. And decided that I would work on the ribbing, and if I got past that, they would just become simple, autumnal, stockinette socks. And despite the pooling (not sure if you can see that super clearly in the photo, but it’s there), I love them. I even want to go to more lectures so I can keep knitting on them.

And now I need some guidance:

I got pretty soaked walking home (even with my umbrella) on Thursday in some blustery, rainy weather. And I accidentally ripped the bind off of these socks (which is bit tight) in getting out of my wet clothes. What is the best way to repair this? I’m sure I can just secure these stitches with some sock yarn, but is there something else I should be considering?


11 thoughts on “accidental socktober.

  1. Do you have any yarn left from that project? If so, why not rip out the bind off, knit a couple of rows and do a new improved bind off? You’re a better knitter now.

  2. If I were you, I’ll undo – I know thats a horrid thought, and bind off again.


  3. I agree with the ‘undo and bind off again’ sentiment. But I would use this method for a nice stretchy one:

    It’s my favourite one for socks and I’m thinking about using it on a sleeve or two soon. I’ve been in the same predicament with a lot of WIPs and nothing to take out. I need to start some socks, too. Happy weekend!

  4. Rip out bindoff (and a few rows if you need to) and redo the tops.

    However, if you don’t have enough yarn from the project (or you get rid scraps like I do), you can easily find a contrasting that would work cause you have all those great medley of colors to select from.

    You can also repeat what ever you do on the other sock…it’ll be like a brand new pair without only a bit of work required!

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  6. Hmm, I think the “rip and bind off again” answer is probably best. I also really like the idea of finding really good knitting as a motivational tool to attend more lectures. Will try this myself …
    Good luck with the rescue operation!

  7. I agree with ‘rip and bind off again’ as well. Knitting during lectures: I wish I could do that in our stupid PhD colloquium, above all, my supervisor and boss always closes his eyes and seems to sleep… maybe he won’t see me knitting :-)
    Love the golden brown colour of the ancy socks!

  8. Yep, I think the consensus view is best – rip and bind off again. They are cute socks, I love the colorway. The pumpkin ones are nice also… Happy Socktober! :)

  9. I agree with everyone else, rip and reknit.

    Simple socks are my favourite, they’re the most comfortable when wearing shoes or boots.

  10. The hat turned out great!! love the color of the simple socks, they remind me of cool autumn days and walking the trails. thanks

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