two weeks?

This is the beginning of Multnomah, a gorgeous garter and feather and fan shawl that I intend to make for myself someday. This version, though, is for my mom, and as she has some kind of wool sensitivity or allergy, I’m knitting it out of SWTC bamboo. This stuff is so shiny and drapey — perfect for a shawl. I’m just hoping I can get this knitted by Christmas Eve!

Also, thanks for all of your comments and emails about productivity — I made some good progress yesterday, and I finally have a better idea of where this project is going, at least for now.

I did want to clarify that I quite enjoy the organizational parts of writing: gathering books, making notes, arranging and rearranging, both physically and on the screen… For me, the pretend part is when I allow myself to stay comfortably in this category of organizational/planning tasks in order to avoid dealing with the central questions I haven’t quite figured out how to address in whatever it is I’m working on. I think sometimes I use this as a sort of mental crutch — and now that I write that down, I realize it sounds pretty nerdy. Organization is my crutch! (Would it sound cooler and more writerly if I added: “and whiskey” to that?)

Back to it!


6 thoughts on “two weeks?

  1. I am right there with you…. I could STILL be “working on” my thesis, as opposed to “writing” it or, say, “finishing” it! I had so much information gathered and so many ideas left to explor by the time I finally finished, it took an act of will where I just eliminated anything that wasn’t completely formed!! (Pardon me if I ramble. I blame the vicodin….)

    And now, to keep the advantage of time off from work, I believe I will cast on for a second slipper sock!

  2. Haha!! Adding whiskey does indeed sound more “tortured artist/writer”, but thank goodness that’s not actually your crutch!

  3. (Argh, hit the submit button before I was ready.)

    I also wanted to say….that shawl is going to be awfully pretty. I bet the bamboo gives it some lovely drape.

  4. You can do it! And, yes, whisky does make you sound very writerly. But I agree with Caro: anything is better with booze.

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