sexy yoda.

You’re looking at a key piece of my dear friend M’s halloween costume. That’s right; she plans to be “Sexy Yoda” and this hat is totally going to help her get there.

Basically, I’ve knit a Thorpe out of Mission Falls 1824 cotton held double, and the ears from the Felted Baby Yoda Hat. M is out of town on a research trip right now, and I’d like for her to try it on before I sew on the ears. Other friend M (also dear) was in town this weekend and suggested using a deconstructed wire hanger instead of the diluted glue solution in the felted pattern for making the ears appear more Yoda-esque, so I think we’ll go that route. And, of course, braided ties for securing the hat under the chin are an important part of the sexiness. (Can anyone recommend a good tutorial for half double crochet? I don’t really know how to crochet anything, but I might want to crochet a border onto the Thorpe, though I’m going to wait to see how the hat fits M before I do this.)

I worked on this yesterday while wearing my Kerrera.

And I wore my Kerrera while commenting on papers. (Yay!)

Boh did a lot of this.

And this.

And this.

As long as Boh is comfortable. That’s really the goal with all of this working — to create more ways for Boh to nap. And speaking of Boh’s sleeping patterns, today should provide more opportunities for Boh to comfortably lounge while I work. Time to get back to commenting on papers and prepping tomorrow’s class discussion!


FO: ribbed baby sweater.



Hooray! The seaming is finished. And it wasn’t even that bad. (Note to self: Remember this the next time I let a sweater languish because it needs to be seamed.) Baby sweater seams go super quickly.


Mission Falls 1824 Cotton, 3.5 (?) balls. (might have been 4.5)

US 7 needles

3-6 mo size.

I would definitely make this again.

The goal was to have this finished in time for my weekly independent study with my advisor — which isn’t for another two hours. Victory!

Time to get back to the book we’re discussing…

“feeling” productive.

The keyword there is “feeling,” folks. Yesterday was such a day: only a few hours of academic work was completed, but I managed to go grocery shopping, make all sorts of deliciousness in the kitchen, teach someone to knit, and attend reading group.


Smashed chickpea salad, adapted from Smitten Kitchen. (Shocking, I know.) My version lacked olives and bread, to make it a sandwich, but this was even better than I expected.


More applesauce bread (I’ve been making at least a loaf a week lately) and Mark Bittman’s basic brownies — I know I’ve posted these before, but it has been several months since the last time I baked them. These were for a friend’s birthday. and they were every bit as good as I remembered them to be. And so easy! Why aren’t you making them already?


Yesterday afternoon, after several days of green grass and muddy walks with Boh, the snow began to fall again, in huge, wet flakes. Yay!


Progress on the baby sweater. At last. The ribbed baby jacket is blocking, and is almost dry. This afternoon, I will sew the seams together and weave in the ends. I ended up making a buttonhole in case I go that route, and after looking at snaps yesterday, I think I’d prefer a bright button. If I can’t make it to the yarn shop, I may swipe the blue button from my gathered cardi. We’ll see…

Time for coffee and actual productivity, instead of just feelings of productivity!

sweater on dog.



I realize that the title of this post may inadvertently direct those looking for actual pictures of sweaters on dogs to my blog, and for that, I apologize. As you can see from Boh’s reaction, this is as close as we’re ever going to get to “sweater on dog”. I would, actually, consider knitting him something if (a) he seemed cold and (b) he didn’t LOVE destruction of knitted things. Surprisingly, he seems to understand the difference between WIP and FO. I can leave this on the couch for hours:


And he will sleep next to it. But if it were finished, and somewhere even the least bit accessible, it might become Boh’s next victim. (Psst. See how close to done I am with this ribbed baby jacket? I really like how it is turning out. My wrist has been a little sore from all of the work I’ve been doing on it, so I think I need to take another week to knit the rest of the ribbing and sew up the side seams — oh, and decide on a closure. What do you think? Button? No button? Snap?)

More classic Boh:


Boh laid like this for hours yesterday. Thinking hard? Needs a lot of blood flow to the brain?


And this. Such a tease. He didn’t actually read any of that book.

Coffee’s ready! Happy Thursday, all.