FO: ribbed baby sweater.



Hooray! The seaming is finished. And it wasn’t even that bad. (Note to self: Remember this the next time I let a sweater languish because it needs to be seamed.) Baby sweater seams go super quickly.


Mission Falls 1824 Cotton, 3.5 (?) balls. (might have been 4.5)

US 7 needles

3-6 mo size.

I would definitely make this again.

The goal was to have this finished in time for my weekly independent study with my advisor — which isn’t for another two hours. Victory!

Time to get back to the book we’re discussing…


7 thoughts on “FO: ribbed baby sweater.

  1. That is a fantastic sweater! And I love the color; it’s much more sophisticated than most store-bought baby clothes. Lovely.

  2. Congrats! It is an ADORABLE sweater. I agree with Mick above…tres sophisticated. It looks like a stylish adult sweater, but just in baby size. So cute!

  3. Congratulations for the quick finish! It is super cute too and after all the debate, the button seems just right, doesn’t it? I love that it’s a big button. The kid will look so chic!

  4. Super cute! Love the sophisticated color and the nubby, MF 1824 cotton texture. That pattern’s the very first garment I ever knit!

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