sweater on dog.



I realize that the title of this post may inadvertently direct those looking for actual pictures of sweaters on dogs to my blog, and for that, I apologize. As you can see from Boh’s reaction, this is as close as we’re ever going to get to “sweater on dog”. I would, actually, consider knitting him something if (a) he seemed cold and (b) he didn’t LOVE destruction of knitted things. Surprisingly, he seems to understand the difference between WIP and FO. I can leave this on the couch for hours:


And he will sleep next to it. But if it were finished, and somewhere even the least bit accessible, it might become Boh’s next victim. (Psst. See how close to done I am with this ribbed baby jacket? I really like how it is turning out. My wrist has been a little sore from all of the work I’ve been doing on it, so I think I need to take another week to knit the rest of the ribbing and sew up the side seams — oh, and decide on a closure. What do you think? Button? No button? Snap?)

More classic Boh:


Boh laid like this for hours yesterday. Thinking hard? Needs a lot of blood flow to the brain?


And this. Such a tease. He didn’t actually read any of that book.

Coffee’s ready! Happy Thursday, all.


3 thoughts on “sweater on dog.

  1. Lovely little baby sweater! As for closures, maybe snaps to make it easy on Mom? Judging from all the pics of Boh, it appears his sweet little doggie butt NEVER graces the floor! What a lucky guy!

  2. Awwww…

    This post has made me think of… ‘I kinda want a dog’ <3 I have three cats… but a dog would be nice too~ lol

    The baby sweater looks great~ I also love the photo of Boh ‘reading’, my cats just lay on top of books or papers.

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