more booty.

Apologies for the blog silence — I headed home for that baby shower (taking an unfinished booty with me), and then took a brief trip to see my grandmother out of state, and then got back here on Tuesday morning to work on a grant application. Whew! Finished that yesterday, and blogging is at the top of today’s non-work to-do list.

Here’s an iPhone shot of the second booty, just before kitchenering, and then the pair, just before wrapping. My cousin seemed to really like them at the shower — let’s hope the baby does, too! I haven’t done any knitting since finishing these on Saturday morning, maybe because I don’t have any knitting that is both portable and free of charts or counting. I should probably fix that by casting on for something new for me, like socks, though I certainly have lots more baby and wedding gifts to knit over the next several months.

None of these are recent FOs, but here’s the pile of handknits I sent to Occupy Wall Street last week. The weather is getting cold, and these handknits can be more useful there than here in my basket o’ warm things. (Side note: I should really consider knitting myself another hat with a pompom.)

And here’s a shot of the lake. The fall color has been absolutely stunning this year, but even so, the transition to winter is sort of exciting because of the way my view is changing. Now that the leaves have mostly fallen, I can see the lake even from my perch on the couch in the family room.

On blog posts and traffic: I noticed that a lot of people (500+) visited my blog last week when I posted about the first booty. Perhaps they were expecting something else? I’ll let you know if the same thing happens today…



I’d prefer booties, but I only have one. See, I started (and finished!) this booty the same day I bound off the second unfancy sock in this gorgeous shibui sock yarn. And then I set it aside smugly, thinking that I had plenty of time remaining to finish the second booty in time for a baby shower that wasn’t until November. Except now it is November. And the shower is Saturday. Guess what I’m doing tonight and tomorrow morning, if necessary? (You guessed it.)

The front view is a little awkward, but I love the garter stripe. (In fact, that’s a big part of the name of this pattern: garter stripe baby socks.) I made a few modifications after looking at ravelry projects: basically, I eliminated the toe ridge and knit a regular toe, kitchenering when I had 12 st remaining (6 front, 6 back).

The good news? I think I managed to use my need to knit this booty to finish the revisions on my prospectus. It is sitting here, all pretty and printed out, waiting for me to read it one more time before sending it off to my chair. Sometimes I find it challenging to stop certain kinds of tasks from filling the time available (mostly my own writing, probably because it can always be better), and the deadlines I set for myself don’t always work. I may have met my (self-imposed) deadline for these revisions because of the firm deadline for the second booty. Maybe.

Anyway, enough rambling about that. Time to walk Boh and knit this (adorable) booty!

saturday’s a rugby day.

So is Sunday. No pictures to share, but I spent the weekend volunteering at the D1/D2 Mens/Womens Collegiate Rugby Championship Round of 16. I’m a bit tired, a little sunburnt and a lot happy about the weekend. Saw some fantastic rugby, did lots of volunteering, and spent time with friends who share a love for this game.

Onward to the knitting:

You may recognize the yarn. On Friday, I decided to frog the Lace Ribbon Scarf in favor of something that would go a bit more quickly and perhaps be a bit more useful as an everyday kind of scarf. You may recall that this yarn is for a birthday girl who loves pink. I’m making the Sunday Market Shawl by knitfish/Vanessa Carter, and I must say, this super simple pattern is ingenious: cast on, knit a set up row with yarn overs, knit in stockinette until it is long enough, and then drop the yarn overs to get an open, dropped stitch pattern. I’m already thinking that I want one for myself. (Details: Yarn Pirate Merino/Tencel in I Want Candy, needles are US 10.)

All of the rugby this weekend meant that *someone* was a bit neglected, so I’ll give him his share of the limelight here:

Fast asleep, Friday night. Fast forward to this evening. Though Boh and I got in a great run this afternoon, he is still a bit pouty that no dogs were allowed at the tournament:

As I write this, he is curled up on my pillow. Life is rough. I hope we’ll both sleep well tonight.