inches and handfuls.

These were my units of measure today.

Exhibit A (inches):


(I love this picture. Can’t exactly explain why.)


And here it is, all 17 inches and change of the body of my stripes! sweater. I don’t think I’ve ever knit so quickly in my life. Certainly, I am currently feeling the need to distract myself; to fill the days. There is something else though, something I can’t quite pinpoint, that makes this project hard to put down. Perhaps it is the surprising softness of the eco-wool. Maybe it’s the short pattern repeat, the next stripe’s color(s) revealed in just four (three, two, one) more row(s)…

All I know is that I’m finding a particular kind of fulfillment in this project, and I’m grateful for it. Next up? Stripey sleeves!

Exhibit B (handfuls):



Tonight’s dinner: an innovative greens recipe from a cookbook compiling recipes from farms and CSAs across the country. The basic premise is that you mix up a vinaigrette, boil some of it and throw in sliced mushrooms, and then later add some hearty greens and cook until wilted. Toss this stuff with less hearty greens, add some goat cheese, and add more of the dressing. I used kale, arugula, and spinach from my share, and I can’t wait to make this again. (That cookbook, for those interested, is this one.)

Exhibit C (toys?):


Boh, with his pile of scraps and bones…

I’m not sure I’ll be able to keep up this daily blogging all summer, but for now, it adds some quite welcome structure to the day, as a friend thoughtfully noted earlier this week.

More soon!


resistance = futile.

This applies both to massaman curry and the WEBS anniversary sale. First, the curry:




The boy has been raving about this particular massaman curry paste from one of the Asian grocery shops near his house. Last week he brought me my own container. Yum. I made a regular four-serving batch, as directed by the instructions on the curry paste, complete with tofu, potatoes and onions, and these are my leftovers! I have been eating this all week, and it is delicious.

Today marks the start of April, but it also (and more importantly?) is the first day of the WEBS anniversary sale. As this blog post’s title implies, I’ve already clicked the “complete purchase” button, and a healthy dose of eco-wool (for a hemlock ring blanket, an owls sweater, and maybe linden or shalom), as well as some classic elite silky alpaca lace (ishbel is building my lace confidence) and some jo sharp dk wool (for bracken) should be en route to my doorstep soon.

Speaking of ishbel, my version has graduated to “blob” status. It is too big to stretch out all pretty on its circular needle, so here it is in a big heap.


I’ve finished the stockinette portion for the large size, which means it is time for lace. Wish me luck!

newsflash: yarn pile is becoming a mountain.

I promised that I would show you my recent yarn purchases, so here it goes. This makes me feel like a “real” knitter, as this is the first time I’ve ordered bags of yarn. (Danger! Photos and super pretty yarn ahead.)


First up, a spontaneous yarn purchase. I have yet to make my first Clapotis, and I decided not to buy the Lion and Lamb because I could not rationalize the cost. And then…an angel posted this yarn on Destash. I got a very nice deal on it, and this colorway, Black Purl, is exactly what I would have purchased for myself. I am excited about this, but I think it will have to wait until after all of my holiday knitting.




And more Malabrigo. I think both sets of skeins are destined to become My So Called Scarf — one for me, one for a dear dear friend.



Berocco Peruvia. What could this be for? Is it tilted? I think so.


A massive skein of Eco-wool, intended to be the main color of multiple mittens.


This purchase is Ravelry’s fault. I have 3 skeins of a turquoisey shade of Nature Wool, and was looking to find uses for it. I found too many, and decided that since I’d like to make multiple gifts a la Calorimetry with it, I would need more in order to make Fad-Classic.

And then… (Seriously, I didn’t intend to do this all at once, but the WEBS sale is truly excellent.)


Cashmere. This was not on my list, but at the sale price, it seemed silly not to get some. I’ve never knit with cashmere, and I’m hoping that 2 hanks of this will be enough for the feather and fan neckwarmer in Knit2Together. (Also holiday gifts.)

Last, but not least:


A whole bag of Araucania Nature Wool Chunky, which I am using for the Debbie Bliss Bolero Jacket, for those of you joining me for the first time. My current winding method involves two chairs, back to back, one with my big down jacket on the back of it. I was too lazy to move it at first, and now I realize that it actually stops the skein from sliding down the chair back. (Many of these yarns were photographed on my chairs: part of a 1960s yellow and chrome kitchen table set that I scored on craigslist when I moved to my current location. It makes me happy.)

Notes on my holiday knitting to come. Also, I am participating in my first ever swap, over at the Fall Fingerless Mitts KAL. I am very excited — but right now, I am also very sleepy. The whole “falling back” part of daylight savings has me exhausted.