inches and handfuls.

These were my units of measure today.

Exhibit A (inches):


(I love this picture. Can’t exactly explain why.)


And here it is, all 17 inches and change of the body of my stripes! sweater. I don’t think I’ve ever knit so quickly in my life. Certainly, I am currently feeling the need to distract myself; to fill the days. There is something else though, something I can’t quite pinpoint, that makes this project hard to put down. Perhaps it is the surprising softness of the eco-wool. Maybe it’s the short pattern repeat, the next stripe’s color(s) revealed in just four (three, two, one) more row(s)…

All I know is that I’m finding a particular kind of fulfillment in this project, and I’m grateful for it. Next up? Stripey sleeves!

Exhibit B (handfuls):



Tonight’s dinner: an innovative greens recipe from a cookbook compiling recipes from farms and CSAs across the country. The basic premise is that you mix up a vinaigrette, boil some of it and throw in sliced mushrooms, and then later add some hearty greens and cook until wilted. Toss this stuff with less hearty greens, add some goat cheese, and add more of the dressing. I used kale, arugula, and spinach from my share, and I can’t wait to make this again. (That cookbook, for those interested, is this one.)

Exhibit C (toys?):


Boh, with his pile of scraps and bones…

I’m not sure I’ll be able to keep up this daily blogging all summer, but for now, it adds some quite welcome structure to the day, as a friend thoughtfully noted earlier this week.

More soon!


4 thoughts on “inches and handfuls.

  1. Thanks for sharing! Your Stripes! has me itching to cast on … I hope the pattern is available soon. (I think my first fall in Nashville deserves a rocking pullover.) And that salad looks seriously delicious. Good luck keeping your days moving along. Boh is so cute!

  2. Your sweater is knitting up beautifully!

    I just had a conversation with a group of people yesterday who were arguing that greens have to be boiled (!) for three hours before eating. Yours look delicious. I’ll have to forward them this “recipe”.

  3. The progression of colors is so cool! I wouldn’t be able to put that sweater down either. And yous say the Eco Wool is soft, eh? I always figured it was a scratchy/rustic wool. Interesting…

  4. I’m so glad you’re enjoying knitting Stripes! I think the stripe pattern is just hugely addicting, I know I couldn’t stop knitting it when I knit the original one.

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