the end of november.

This pretty much captures how I feel this morning. B left yesterday. He’s headed home to begin his dissertation research, and he’ll be away indefinitely. Yesterday marked the end of a wonderful eight months together. I’ve never done this before — the bracing for the end you know is coming — and it is really hard. We had a sad, sweet, weepy week, filled with reflection on what this has meant for us.

I took B to the bus station early in the morning, and when I got home, I busied myself with a deep cleaning of the apartment. Time to marvel at the neatness of my knitting corner:

All (okay, most) of my WIPs are in that bag, and I intend to spend some quality time on that part of the couch today. My friends have been pretty wonderful about filling my date-book with hang-out time, and I’ve got a whole list of things to keep me busy in the short term. Topping that list? Being good to myself, knitting on Terra, cuddling Boh. (Well, and making progress on that pile of grading I’ve neglected…)

Welcome to December.

pinwheels and parties.

Remember pinwheel blanket number two? The one I needed to finish in time for the pre-wedding party of two friends? Well, you can breathe easy. I finished it. (I mean, I may have blocked it in my car and woven in the ends on the back porch of a building said friends were standing in…but I finished it and they loved it. I’m hoping they’ll send me one of the pictures they took with it/me.)

I would have finished it earlier, I swear, except one of these two friends ended up coming into town and staying at my house on Wednesday to work with us for a few days. I couldn’t very well work on it in front of him, could I?

Anyway, the work we did required a road trip (with a slew of 7 year olds) to the base camp of the wilderness education foundation I work for. Though it was crazy, I did manage to snap a sunrise picture for you:

Looking northward, Friday, 5:50 am.

I did manage to find some evening quiet time to knit by the light of a cozy fire. My ankle socks (using the Super Simple Short Sock pattern by Radiant Twist) are progressing quite nicely. Have we talked about how much I love this yarn? (Yarn Pirate Merino Sock in Kalamata.) I really love how this project fits into the center zip pocket of my Namaste bag, which could be why they are moving so quickly…

Yep, there’s some pooling there, but I don’t care. I love it anyway.

I returned to civilization this morning, in a bit of a hurry to make progress on another big project: packing up my life. I move to base camp for the summer in a few weeks, and after that, I head to New Home to start graduate school. Didn’t make sense to rent my little house through the summer only to come back and pack everything, so pack up now I must. I think it will get easier once I actually go rent a storage unit this week so that I have a place to put all of the boxes I am filling. Today I’ve been working on the kitchen. See?

Off to pack some more and enjoy the evening light.