the end of november.

This pretty much captures how I feel this morning. B left yesterday. He’s headed home to begin his dissertation research, and he’ll be away indefinitely. Yesterday marked the end of a wonderful eight months together. I’ve never done this before — the bracing for the end you know is coming — and it is really hard. We had a sad, sweet, weepy week, filled with reflection on what this has meant for us.

I took B to the bus station early in the morning, and when I got home, I busied myself with a deep cleaning of the apartment. Time to marvel at the neatness of my knitting corner:

All (okay, most) of my WIPs are in that bag, and I intend to spend some quality time on that part of the couch today. My friends have been pretty wonderful about filling my date-book with hang-out time, and I’ve got a whole list of things to keep me busy in the short term. Topping that list? Being good to myself, knitting on Terra, cuddling Boh. (Well, and making progress on that pile of grading I’ve neglected…)

Welcome to December.