I’d prefer booties, but I only have one. See, I started (and finished!) this booty the same day I bound off the second unfancy sock in this gorgeous shibui sock yarn. And then I set it aside smugly, thinking that I had plenty of time remaining to finish the second booty in time for a baby shower that wasn’t until November. Except now it is November. And the shower is Saturday. Guess what I’m doing tonight and tomorrow morning, if necessary? (You guessed it.)

The front view is a little awkward, but I love the garter stripe. (In fact, that’s a big part of the name of this pattern: garter stripe baby socks.) I made a few modifications after looking at ravelry projects: basically, I eliminated the toe ridge and knit a regular toe, kitchenering when I had 12 st remaining (6 front, 6 back).

The good news? I think I managed to use my need to knit this booty to finish the revisions on my prospectus. It is sitting here, all pretty and printed out, waiting for me to read it one more time before sending it off to my chair. Sometimes I find it challenging to stop certain kinds of tasks from filling the time available (mostly my own writing, probably because it can always be better), and the deadlines I set for myself don’t always work. I may have met my (self-imposed) deadline for these revisions because of the firm deadline for the second booty. Maybe.

Anyway, enough rambling about that. Time to walk Boh and knit this (adorable) booty!


7 thoughts on “booty.

  1. So cute! Love the autumnal color. I’m with you on filling up all available time I’ve allotted for a task, especially if it involves writing, preparing, or even grading. Sigh…

  2. Nice mods to the booty! I love hearing that a knitting deadline was able to trump other activities, because the same thing just happened to me this week.

  3. Lovely! I might have to try putting a few knitting deadlines into place …

    p.s. Does it mean that I’m 12 years old at heart because the word “booty” makes me giggle?

  4. What a cute little sock! Jumped over to Ravelry and downloaded the pattern. This is the perfect project to work on when I only have a little block of time.

  5. Uh oh… I remember the single little booty I have stuck in a bag somewhere. Started a pair for my granddaughter just before she was born. And she’ll be 15 months old this week. Oops.

  6. Cute sock. I’ve downloaded the pattern and am just waiting to hear what my teaching colleague is having so I can knit up a pair. Glad to hear your prospectus is off, such a relief I’m sure.

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