Last night I found myself making Boh’s face wrinkle (like this) and asking him, “Boh, what do you think about modernity?” For his sake, I’m glad my exams are over, and that I passed!

Here’s how we both feel about that: happy, relieved, and exhausted. More soon!


16 thoughts on “ABD.

  1. Yay!! That is fabulous news! I hope a very well deserved break is on the schedule for soon. Happy Friday! Happy ABD!!

  2. “Uh, Rooster? Um, I, uh, have strong feelings about cultural history. And, uh, I am very worried that we will not have occasion to discuss it as much now that your exams are over.” – Boh.

  3. WOOHOO! Congratulations! So happy you’re through it all now–take some time to recharge and celebrate!
    On wrinkly dog faces–Salmaan loves doing that to JJ and Rivs. He goes back and forth with the faces, saying, “Llewellin…..SHAR PEI!!!!!…..Llewellin…..SHAR PEI!!!!!” They patiently oblige him.

  4. Congratulations!! You must feel so relieved! I know I felt like a ton of bricks was off my back when my class finished, and that was just ONE class! I also have the “i’m at loose ends” feeling, just wandering around the house doing nothing much, but you may avoid that since you have to pack for your move…..can’t wait to see the lake house!

  5. Oh, and Boh? He’s probably worried that you’ll be depending on him too much for your entertainment, and man, he needs his space, ya know? :)

  6. What fantastic news, congratulations!!! Sounds like you have alot going on still :) lake house? New places, faces and all the possibilites to come your way, have fun and congrats again!

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