stay classy, san diego.

I may have attended a screening of Anchorman yesterday afternoon.

In all seriousness, though, Ron Burgundy’s words seem to have relevance beyond newsrooms and street-fights between rival news teams. Ethel Louise has an incredibly thoughtful post about yesterday’s response to the assassination of OBL. I know I don’t talk about my work very often here, but in a very broad sense, I am interested in narrative, in how we tell stories about what is happening/what has happened to us, in how we make (and remake) meaning. I, too, found yesterday’s celebrations disturbing.

I have a lot more to say about all of that — but I just don’t have the energy this week. I brought a bunch of boxes and bins up from the basement over the weekend to remind myself that I am almost there. I’m feeling tired and overwhelmed, and I just need to keep going. My orals are on Friday, and I just need to get there, and for my performance to be enough.


9 thoughts on “stay classy, san diego.

  1. You will get there. You will be enough. Almost there!!

    p.s. Sometimes, I think the world is turning (/has turned) into one big Kafka story.

  2. You are going to rock those exams.

    As for yesterday…ugh. I can’t understand the willful ignorance that was reflected in so many acquaintances’ facebook statuses, etc., that shouted variants of the “string up his body” and “USA USA USA” and “that’s what you get” oeuvre. There is a huge difference between justice and vengeance, and our nation’s (almost) collective tendency to gloss over details and facts, as well as to willfully rewrite history, disturbs me to no end.

  3. I know it seems like a daunting task, but find time for yourself and Boh this week to prepare for your oral exams.

    A rested and centered you make for better exams.

    People need to remember that for the evil that Bin Laden did, he was still someones child, brother, husband, father and possibly friend. We should never rejoice in someones death.

    Karma is a bitch…

  4. The reaction has been very interesting. I think that most of the crowd outside the White House was university students. They’re in a unique position — 9/11 shaped their childhoods in an indelible fashion, and they’re just plain young.

    Not everyone who was out celebrating in the US is in that position, however. That said, the media certainly weren’t able to focus on how most people noted the news — quietly at home, hopefully with an air of reflection.

    I watched part of the coverage on Al Jazeera on Sun. night, and I’ve been interspersing US coverage with BBC coverage, as well. Very interesting to see other points of view.

  5. Definitely going to read your link; I, too, was disturbed at the cheering, but couldn’t really articulate why. I think it’s because I feel one should never cheer about the death of another human being. Good luck with your packing and ending of school. Funny how that kind of stuff is always a pile on, isn’t it? Never linear tasks, just piling on….luckily you have Boh, to help you find your way through it all. :)

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