The word “unpacking” gets used frequently in academic conversations: we “unpack” complex concepts, fraught words, and ideas or moments with contested meanings. I’m done with that kind of unpacking, at least for a little while. (Hooray!) Which means it is time to pack.

I considered only showing you this picture. Look — a laundry bag full of delicious, neutral shades of Cascade 220! This picture suggests a calm, orderly apartment (and packing process), everything under control. Here’s what the rest of the room looks like:

Yup. It is hard to pack up a small apartment. Boh is handling the disruption with dignity. I’m hoping to take a few carloads over tomorrow so that I’ll have enough space to pack up the rest of my stuff as the week progresses. Keys — and pictures (and knitting, I promise) — soon!


9 thoughts on “unpacking/packing.

  1. Yay!!! I’m so happy for you that you’re done with school and can finally enjoy your move! :)

  2. Ugh I hate packing and unpacking! I hope it is a speedy move for you. Love the bag of Cascade.

  3. Oh my. Rooster, I am sorry but that was my very first reaction. I am getting old. But then again I do not have a lake house to look forward to! How wonderful to be finished and on to new adventures!

  4. haha! that last picture is completely awesome. excellent use of the mirror to maximize confusion. you may have just inspired me to start my own packing! congrats again! xo

  5. Hooray for the end of the semester! Wishing you all the best with the move — can’t wait to see what your new place is like. Living on a lake is pretty much my dream. OK, make it living on a lake surrounded by mountains, but that’s awfully close.

  6. Isn’t it amazing how much stuff we accumulate?

    Hooray Lake House here we come!!!

    Hiope that your move and all goes well and you have a wonderful summer.

  7. Small places are hard to pack because there’s no where to put the boxes that’s out of the way. Good luck with the packing!

  8. Congrats on being ABD! You are so awesome. I hope the packing and move goes well, and I can’t wait to see more of the new place.

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