rooster can haz lake house.

Or will, come June. (Photo courtesy of the anonymized posting on craigslist.) This means a few things: first, this rooster hereby declares that she will be so good about being frugal and thrifty this spring because come summer, she will want to furnish and paint a space that is about twice the size of her current home; second, I’m going to have a guest room/yarn room! (And an office!) But most awesome of all, I’m going to have a three-season porch.

I know you’ll all miss my bright green kitchen walls, so I’ll be sure to take lots of pictures in there between now and June.

(This picture also courtesy of the anonymized craigslist posting.)

The house became a possibility on Wednesday, and I signed a sublease on Friday. Still pinching myself. I’ve been so distracted by hoping all the pieces would fall into place that I’ve been the opposite of productive…but I’m okay with that.

I’ve gotten back on that horse today, with something wonderful to look forward to.