cold outside, cozy inside.

Snapped this picture after taking Boh outside because I realized just how ridiculous I looked. I don’t think my blue spandex tights have appeared on this blog in years. (And I pretty much said the same thing about them then.) They do help in the warmth department though, so I’ll wear them with pride.

Speaking of the warmth department, yesterday was a two-sweater kind of day. My idlewood helped me to get through an epic 850+ pager on my reading list. And then I took it to the movies and out to dessert with friends.

It seems only fair to allow Boh the opportunity to register his discontent. It has been too cold for long walks, and my books have been too long for extended playtime. He’s starting to get sick of “when I finish this book…” — can’t you tell? It is supposed to warm up enough for pleasant winter walks this week, and Boh isn’t the only one who is excited to get outside. Happy weekend from both of us!