FOs: a finished object and a face-off

The good news: my new apartment has a full length mirror with some natural light. The bad news: Boh hasn’t learned how to take FO pictures for me yet.

Pattern: Sassymmetrical by gaysknits

Yarn: Malabrigo in Cinnabar, just over 2.5 skeins

Mods: I used a worsted instead of a dk weight, so I adjusted the math (see project page) accordingly. Also, because of the thicker yarn, I shortened the sleeves by a row, eliminating the fourth row of knitting. I knit the body until it measured closer to 10 inches from the underarm. Could have done a few more repeats with the remaining yarn.

I heart this sweater. I wore it immediately (someday I’ll block it), fastened shut with a cable needle. I finished it about half an hour before plans to have dinner and play croquet at the home of some new friends. It was the perfect layer for an August evening, and my sassymmetrical has already been romping through the bushes to pick blackberries.

I also have a silly dog picture to share. Check this out:

Yep, that’s Boh, staring down a young deer in the yard. I snapped this less than ten minutes ago. Given all of the activity in the yard, Boh has done an excellent job of re-entering civilization over the last week. I’m so proud.

Not sure what I’ll work on next — stay tuned!


It will be. I can tell. Knitting content below, I promise, but first, don’t you want to see some pictures of my new home? I thought so.

I love it. This is the first apartment that I’ve truly had time to plan and move into, instead of simply selling everything I own, moving, and then reacquiring things that will “do” until I find exactly what I want. I am really happy with this space, and I am excited to be in it — this should help with the mountains of reading and writing ahead of me. I’m hoping I’ve found an apartment to make into a home for the next several years. I think Boh and I are off to a good start here.

Now, about that knitting…

I love this sweater. My sassymmetrical is about one repeat shy of being complete in the body, and then there are only a few rows on each arm to finish before I can wear it. The weather here has me longing for this — breezy in the evenings, a bit overcast — perfect for a short sleeved cozy wrap-like sweater to throw on over a t-shirt as I walk the dog through my new neighborhood. Hoping to make some progress this afternoon!