It will be. I can tell. Knitting content below, I promise, but first, don’t you want to see some pictures of my new home? I thought so.

I love it. This is the first apartment that I’ve truly had time to plan and move into, instead of simply selling everything I own, moving, and then reacquiring things that will “do” until I find exactly what I want. I am really happy with this space, and I am excited to be in it — this should help with the mountains of reading and writing ahead of me. I’m hoping I’ve found an apartment to make into a home for the next several years. I think Boh and I are off to a good start here.

Now, about that knitting…

I love this sweater. My sassymmetrical is about one repeat shy of being complete in the body, and then there are only a few rows on each arm to finish before I can wear it. The weather here has me longing for this — breezy in the evenings, a bit overcast — perfect for a short sleeved cozy wrap-like sweater to throw on over a t-shirt as I walk the dog through my new neighborhood. Hoping to make some progress this afternoon!


6 thoughts on “home?

  1. What a great looking place! I love the study area with the bookshelf and map on the wall. And I spy Ravelry! ;)
    Looks like a great apartment to cozy up in.

  2. Wow…your new home (definitely looks like a home already!) is gorgeous. I LOOOOOVE the colors on your walls! Congrats on your move and your beautiful new space.

  3. Terrific, adorable little home.

    I think it looks like such a happy place to live and knit and drink tea and make dinner for new friends.

    Have fun!


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