spring sunrise.


I had prettier pictures of the sunrise and the mountains this morning, but I wanted to share this one — see the leaves on the trees? So nice to see green around town here in the Southwest.

Also, even though I’m not sure that you can tell that I’ve made progress, here is a picture of what I have been referring to as the jellyfish:


I’ve started the seed stitch border. It is hard for me to tell how big it is going to be — I want this to serve as a cozy lap blanket for curling up with a good (or required) book. I am planning to make a handful of these this spring as gifts, and I find myself knitting quickly in order to see if this is going to be the size I am envisioning…

Happy Friday!




What is this, rooster? A new project?

Yes, it is true. Yesterday I cast on for the Pinwheel Blanket from knitalong by Larissa and Martin Brown. I know, I know. I have several projects on the needles right now, but hear me out dear reader: I don’t have anything I can work on that (a) does not require looking at the pattern and (b) uses needles of a large enough size that I can look away from my work. (I can now carry on a conversation while knitting socks, but I still need to look at what I am doing to be sure that I am not dropping stitches left and right.)

Also, it seems that there are several upcoming occasions to celebrate with knitting. This Pinwheel is intended to be a wedding gift. It is growing rather quickly, after a healthy struggle with joining 5 st in the round and completing the set up rows. After a few cups of coffee and some podcast catch up time, here’s what it looks like:


That’s all for now. The sun is shining, and Boh and I are off to one of our favorite places — the volcanoes — this time, with friends!