What is this, rooster? A new project?

Yes, it is true. Yesterday I cast on for the Pinwheel Blanket from knitalong by Larissa and Martin Brown. I know, I know. I have several projects on the needles right now, but hear me out dear reader: I don’t have anything I can work on that (a) does not require looking at the pattern and (b) uses needles of a large enough size that I can look away from my work. (I can now carry on a conversation while knitting socks, but I still need to look at what I am doing to be sure that I am not dropping stitches left and right.)

Also, it seems that there are several upcoming occasions to celebrate with knitting. This Pinwheel is intended to be a wedding gift. It is growing rather quickly, after a healthy struggle with joining 5 st in the round and completing the set up rows. After a few cups of coffee and some podcast catch up time, here’s what it looks like:


That’s all for now. The sun is shining, and Boh and I are off to one of our favorite places — the volcanoes — this time, with friends!


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