blueberry muffins and boh.

june20 - 2

I can’t help myself. I take so many pictures of this sweet face.

june20 - 1

Boh and I took a nice walk around campus at sunset.

june20 - 8

On Thursday night I baked blueberry muffins.

june20 - 7

Nerd fun arrived in the mail. (This is based on Cards Against Humanity — and a prototype of this that I saw on Twitter was called Cards Against the Humanities!) Looking forward to playing this with the rest of the staff of my summer course, perhaps during a lull in office hours? My summer teaching starts up on Monday.

june20 - 5

Some impressive kite sailing on the lake, viewed from the park near my house.

june20 - 6

Boh, napping under my desk during a conference call.

june20 - 4

Morning sweetness.

june20 - 3

And nighttime sleepiness. That’s been our week, friends. Quiet, and only sort of productive, but maybe just what we needed.

monday morning baking

You know you’re a blogger when you bake blueberry muffins on Monday morning and debate over how to arrange them on the plate to take their picture BEFORE biting into one.


(They are delicious, by the way. I ate one while this photo was uploading.) The recipe is another of Mark Bittman’s, from the big yellow book (aka How to Cook Everything). I’m a huge fan.

A bit more sock progress to share as well –please disregard my severely chipped nail polish:


Thank you for all of your thoughtful advice on short row heels. I am looking forward to trying it again with my second Twisted Tweed sock.

Happy Monday — I’m off to eat more muffins.