i spoke too soon.

Apparently I celebrated my return to health a bit prematurely. (Boo!) Halfway through my morning class, it hit me: a splitting headache and the flush of a fever. I tried taking a nap, but my head is keeping me awake, so I’m here, whining to the internet.

Before the sickness reappeared, I snapped a few pictures of Mara in action:

mara leggings macro

mara leggings1

I’m not going to lie: I thought about wearing my legwarmers this morning, but with my hot pink Mara, I decided it would be a bit too much.

The real reason I’m blogging for a second time today? (Well, aside from the whining part.) THIS. I can think of several wee ones (and some on the way) who would be absolutely adorable in this hoodie. Also, I might need one. (Seriously. I’ve been eyeing some of the eco wool in my stash…) Even if you aren’t sick, the trailer for this movie will make you feel better.

in which cute snoring trumps knitting.

[Lots of Boh pictures today, folks, and minimal knitting. Oops.]

ready for waist shaping

I managed to knit a few more inches to the next buttonhole yesterday, which means it is time to begin the waist shaping. I do think I’m feeling even healthier today, which means I can no longer justify the knitting to reading and writing ratio I’ve been employing over the last few days. (On the whole, a good thing!)

Now, onward to that ridiculous dog.



(Note that my 28-thirty features prominently in this particular photo. I intend to wear it today as well, as it really does add just the right amount of warmth on these overcast, windy days.)

adorable dog3

The snoring was particularly loud, due, I think, to the fact that Boh’s face and feet are propped up against the back of the couch.


Are you taking my picture again? Really? Come on.

adorable dog6

Well, fine. Take all the pictures you want. I’m ignoring you. See? My eyes are closed and I’m making my silly snoring sound again. (Note that back ear.)

We hope you’ve enjoyed this Boh interlude. We’re back to our regularly scheduled Wednesday — which will require a second cup of coffee.