in which cute snoring trumps knitting.

[Lots of Boh pictures today, folks, and minimal knitting. Oops.]

ready for waist shaping

I managed to knit a few more inches to the next buttonhole yesterday, which means it is time to begin the waist shaping. I do think I’m feeling even healthier today, which means I can no longer justify the knitting to reading and writing ratio I’ve been employing over the last few days. (On the whole, a good thing!)

Now, onward to that ridiculous dog.



(Note that my 28-thirty features prominently in this particular photo. I intend to wear it today as well, as it really does add just the right amount of warmth on these overcast, windy days.)

adorable dog3

The snoring was particularly loud, due, I think, to the fact that Boh’s face and feet are propped up against the back of the couch.


Are you taking my picture again? Really? Come on.

adorable dog6

Well, fine. Take all the pictures you want. I’m ignoring you. See? My eyes are closed and I’m making my silly snoring sound again. (Note that back ear.)

We hope you’ve enjoyed this Boh interlude. We’re back to our regularly scheduled Wednesday — which will require a second cup of coffee.


6 thoughts on “in which cute snoring trumps knitting.

  1. LOVE the sweater. World’s best colors. You are keeping me working on my Minimalist so I can wear something I made!!

    LOVE the dog! How could I be so in love with a dog online? It is like some strange movie star crush. He is so cute and seems so happy!

    Have a great Wednesday. My theory is that once you get up and get dressed, you are half way through the week…. :-)

  2. Aw, Boh, thanks for sharing your nap with us. You’re too darned cute, even if you do snore and distract Amy.
    Good to hear your feel better Amy!

  3. The cardigan is going so quickly! And is looking great … though, Boh stole the show this time. I love the one-eyed-I’m-not-waking-up look that really puts a human in their place. Good luck feeling better on a Wednesday!

  4. I am so inspired by the things you knit. Seems I see you knitting something and its added to my list. I was going to do the 28thirty next, but I am thinking maybe next on my list is a garter yoke cardigan. I just live the colors.

    No apology necessary for Boh pictures. Right now I have a snoring dog next to me. Gotta love them.

  5. Cute snoring trumps most anything, but that yoke and the pics from the past few posts are blowing me away!! I love the colors and the transitions between them. Beautiful. And Handspun – Hurray!! Glad that you are feeling better too

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