road trip, part 4: old friends, new research.

grandbasin amyforscale

birdcage carforscale

Cryptic, yes. But these two images make me very happy.

Boh and I spent 4 days with college friends (and their growing family) in a lovely midwestern city on our way home. It was the perfect balance of work and play: the chance to participate in the excitement of family life — babies, toddlers, new homes — and to dig into the resources of a local archive as part of an ongoing research project. I hope I’ll be able to return soon to enjoy both the materials in this collection and the proximity of dear friends I see nowhere near often enough.


Boh and I returned home late Friday night, and Saturday morning I headed up to the farm to gather veggies (including cucumbers, zucchini, beets, carrots, kale, herbs, lettuce and an early greenhouse tomato!) and to pick a few flowers. I don’t know what these are, but I love them!


I picked some calendula too.

Thus concludes my road trip series — we’re all caught up now! There’ll be some knitting content around here soon, I promise.

road trip, part 3: desert sunset.


When I first moved to the desert (long before Boh and I were pals), I used to head up to the foothills to watch the sunset. On my last night in town, I took Boh to my favorite outcrop of rock to enjoy the view.



I accidentally hit a wierd button while resizing this photo, and got a washed out version that I sort of like:


Here’s a dark version of that shot:


It was an appropriate way to end a lovely week. The high temps (in the low 90s, even at 8 PM) meant that Boh and I had the foothills to ourselves, and it was nice to have some quiet time to reflect on all that has happened since I first began spending the sunset hour up here.

The next morning, Boh and I began the journey east, fortified with a mug of coffee, a pile of homemade cookies, and an abundance of green chile to bring home.

(To be continued…)

road trip, part 2: breakfast burritos, the bosque, and bacon-infused bourbon.

Say that five times fast.

On my last day of this particular leg of the trip, I ate only breakfast burritos (at least one the size of my head) and bacon-infused bourbon (in much smaller quantities).



Credit for these photos — including the spotting of this hilarious sign — goes to oogaknits (on ravelry) and her husband. This is why I miss the desert. Well, one reason, anyway!

Though it may be slightly out of chronological order ( second-to-last day in town), here’s a picture I absolutely adore, also taken by oogaknits, on our stroll through the bosque.


Wait, did somebody say bacon?


My hosts are aware of my passion for bacon, and the stars aligned such that they had recently enjoyed a manhattan or two made with bacon-infused bourbon and therefore NEEDED to attempt to recreate the magic. Above, take 1. A blind taste-test of bourbon and bacon-infused bourbon indicated that we needed more bacon.



Take 2 was successful. Note the bacon chunks in that bourbon. I am ever-grateful that I had the opportunity to be of use as a taste-tester. This experience has further affirmed for me that bacon goes with everything.

(To be continued…)