Boh and I are heading west — driving out for healthy doses of the desert and several dear friends. We’ll be away for about 2 weeks, but I imagine we may have time for the occasional post or two.


The last of the strawberries have been turned into muffins for the drive.



Mara has reached “blob” stage — a critical moment in the life-cycle of a large knit, if you ask me. (It’s when there are more stitches than needle space, and the knit can no longer be laid out flat.)

I’m bringing Mara, my On-Hold Socks, my vanilla socks, and my Whisper cardigan on the trip. Boh is hoping that I’ll find time for sock knitting.


The tent is packed, the ipod is charged, directions are printed, and there is big bin o’ warm stuff (including my stripes! sweater and my new snail hat) in the back of the car.

I just need to drink my coffee, pack the cooler, and load up the dog.

Take it easy.