I still haven’t finished my book for this afternoon’s class, but yesterday I made some serious progress on my first plyed yarn. First, I wound my singles into balls.


Then, I wound these balls into a single 2-strand ball.


And now, I’m plying! I’m still working on understanding the differences between under-plying, over-plying and “just right”-plying, so my expectations for this particular skein are low…but even so, I love it! This looks to me like it ranges from light worsted to a thinner bulky weight yarn, and I can’t wait to turn it into something for me.

While winding my singles, I made a pot of rather unconventional kitchen sink chili — leftover pork from the dumplings, black beans and corn instead of kidney or pinto beans, etc. and a batch of cornbread. Both were soothing and warm — just what my sort-of scratchy throat was craving.


Also, this is what greeted me when I got out of the shower this morning:


I imagine I look sort of like this before I’ve had my first cup of coffee…