I’m home after a long overdue trip to see a dear friend. (No knitting to share this evening. Patience!) While much of our time was spent sitting around with family, laughing, eating, playing with small cousins, drinking coffee, and even “working” on laptops at the same table, some venturing beyond the house/yard did occur. Though I find myself lacking any photo-documentation that said friend and I did actually manage to be in the same place AND time, I do have some pictures of an evening adventure to share:

I visited the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument as a little girl, and it was incredible to return as a grownup. We drove through the empty evening streets of DC, oohing over architecture and the way the lights illuminated so many landmarks. We walked through the FDR Memorial, and we saw Lincoln minutes before the 143rd anniversary of his assassination. These words on the wall, from his second inaugural address, stood out: “With high hope for the future, no prediction in regard to it is ventured.”