turquoise, untangled.

Last week I won some tangled yarn from The Plucky Knitter. When the yarn arrived, I sighed with happiness. This yarn is stunning, and in one of my favorite colors. Exhibit A:

I snapped these pictures after I typed “Exhibit A” — pulled the jewelry right off my left hand. I am incredibly interested in turquoise, Navajo and Pueblo silversmithing and the way that value was and is assigned to their craftsmanship. I’ve heard it said that you can borrow more against turquoise than you can against diamonds at certain Southwestern trading posts. But I think I was getting ready to show you my pretty yarn…

Thank you, Sarah. Life is crazy over here, and I stayed up very late untangling this — I needed that meditative time yesterday, probably even more than I needed sleep. Now I get to daydream about what this yarn should become!