How about another jumble of photos from the last week? I’m writing this from my parents’ kitchen table, mug of coffee in hand, Boh curled up on a blanket on the floor nearby, cardinals at the bird feeder. We’re gearing up to head back to the lake house, where there’s still a lot of work to do before we get to return here for Christmas. I didn’t even bring any knitting with me on this trip. Instead, I graded, and read, and caught up on my to-do list. Once I’m back home, I’m hoping to get some writing done. Let’s see what I photographed with my phone this week:

New shoes. Booties, even. I have some straight-leg skinny-ish jeans that don’t really work with my boots. Not skinny enough to wear boots over them, and not wide enough to comfortably get the boots under them. These were affordable (over at ideeli DOT com, which I’ve had some good luck with), and I liked the gray color. They look great with pants, but I’m not sure I really know how to wear them as booties. Like this, maybe? Thank you for any and all fashion advice.

Writing. With peanut butter popcorn.

Boh guards the popcorn.

Another Dutch baby pancake — I made this one before heading to campus early on Monday morning. I can’t believe how easy and tasty this is. (And I don’t want to know how not good for me it might be to start eating a plate-sized pancake every morning…)

J’s mitts in action! I snapped this photo after we had lunch together on Monday. Aren’t they terrific?!

Boh, in full-on charmer mode here at my parents’ house. I love how he’s got that circular dog bone on his arm.

And that’s what we’ve got. Happy weekend — and knitting — to you!



For so much, but these days, especially for this dog. This has been a weird semester for me: I’m not teaching, and I’ve been traveling a lot, which means I’ve spent a lot of time alone, working (or trying to work). Trying to both get my research done and make sure Boh is happy while I’m away has been a bit of a scheduling challenge, but I wouldn’t change my decision to add him to my family 4 and a half years ago for anything. His routine — and companionship — have been incredibly important for me, especially these past few months. And since this is probably the month of his birth, and he’s turning five this year, I’m taking a moment to be thankful for his wrinkly face and his place in my life.

There are so many people friendships moments words that I’m thankful for this Thanksgiving. I’m so lucky to have so many reminders in my life — of what’s good and true, of what’s worth fighting for. And in focusing on Boh in this post, I don’t mean to downplay those at all.

But this year, this fall in particular, I’m appreciative of what it means and how it feels to have the company of a sweet dog during a mostly solitary semester.

Boh and I are headed to my parents’ house tomorrow morning, and we’re taking along the hap blanket — so stay tuned for more actual knitting! (The wedding, by the way, was lovely. A chance to laugh and reconnect with dear friends, and even to get some quality hang-out time with the groom, who easily makes it onto my list of all-time favorite people.)

Happy Thanksgiving to those of you celebrating this week, and safe travels.

leftovers (edible and otherwise).

First of all, my mom is awesome. This is what I just put into the oven — a complete collection of Thanksgiving leftovers. (There’s cranberry relish too.) Plus, my dad gave me a bottle of chardonnay to accompany all this deliciousness. (B and I celebrated Thanksgiving in different places, so tonight we get to enjoy some turkey together!)

My mom also baked a few extra half-size loaves of cranberry bread to send home with me. This is a Thanksgiving morning staple in my house. So tasty.

And now, some blog leftovers — photos I snapped last week but didn’t find time to post.

Last Tuesday, I wrapped this sweet little merino shawlette around my neck before walking Boh, and thought to snap a picture. This is the perfect extra bit of warmth on a windy day.

And then there’s this top, which has a great story that just affirms (like I needed that!) how wonderful the knitting community really is. Did you guys get the email from Quince and Co. about these mitts? (If not, you should totally get on their mailing list.) Well, I think the mitts are adorable, but I absolutely fell in love with the styling. I left a comment on the Quince and Co. blog to ask about the top the model is wearing, and within minutes (THE) Pam Allen wrote me back to tell me that it came from All Saints. And then I bought it. And wore it on Monday, for the discussion of my paper. And I felt super hip. And now all I need are some super long mitts…

Hope you’ve all had a fantastic holiday weekend. So much to be thankful for here at casa rooster.

woodstoves and knitting

This is one of the best ways to describe my Thanksgiving.


Though I wasn’t with my “real” family, I was most certainly among folks quite dear to me. It was a day of turkey, pie, scrabble, an impromptu piano/guitar/stand-up bass band, red wine, charades, wood stoves, mountain air, the first high desert snowfall of the season, and scrambled eggs with turkey and green chile for breakfast. Life is good. The place I traveled to is always hard to leave. Here are a few pictures from my drive home.




Every time I make this drive, I daydream about owning my own little piece of this place. I play the “what if” game — “what if that was my driveway?” Sigh.

Keep your fingers crossed that my new modem arrives tomorrow — and that it works!

happy turkey day!

Thanksgiving may be my favorite holiday, and though I will not be heading East to spend it with my family, this year will be no exception. I am heading to a magical place (in fact, the place pictured in my blog header). There, we have ice cream in our coffee at breakfast, sit by the wood-burning stove and enjoy the company of folks willing to make the trek. Boh and I will hit the road tomorrow morning, windows down, enjoying mountain air and anticipating the smell (and for me, the taste) of the persimmon pie on the other end of the drive.

Still no modem — perhaps in Friday’s mail? Here’s what I’ve been doing…



The color is, predictably, in between these two representations. Also, I finished Dashing!