a winter walk.

Last Saturday morning, Boh and I woke up early, and part of the way through my first cup of coffee and my bowl of muesli, I had a thought — wouldn’t my sweet dog enjoy a special walk? So we bundled up, hopped in the car, and enjoyed a solid hour of cold-weather Saturday morning strolling. (Well, I strolled. Boh mostly bounded.)

This is Boh waiting patiently while I photograph the waterfall.

It was a crisp, clear morning, and the sun was just starting to break through the trees to hit the path as we walked back toward the car.

Awesome tree roots.

Walks are much more pleasant with hand knits. (In particular, my thanksgiving day mitts.) Happy Friday!



It is already this kind of day. And I’m okay with that.

I started knitting my brother’s (now incredibly delayed) Christmas present out of my CMF superwash merino albatross handspun. You may be wondering why that doesn’t exactly look like a mitten. My little brother has been having some trouble with his back the last few weeks, and he isn’t really spending a lot of time walking outside. (You know, or standing up straight.) I wear hats inside to stay warm and cozy, but I rarely wear full on mittens in the house. So I cast on another seaman’s cap for him, and after four or five rounds, I am already in love with the way this yarn is knitting up.

Happy weekend!