strawberry shortcake.

Warning: lots of photos today.

So last week, when I was not quite finished with my last project, dear (blogless) friend K came over to make this cake. Our scheduled cake-date was the perfect motivator. I made a lot of progress on my paper that day, and was able to thoroughly enjoy this process. Also, while I tend to have help in the kitchen, I tend to make desserts by myself, you know, in preparation for an event or an evening or what-have-you. When there are two bakers in the kitchen, more pictures are taken. K is a phenomenal baker, so these pictures feature her at work!







And, as with all tasty things prepared in this kitchen:


More knitting and spinning soon, I promise. Posting may be light this week, as it is a week of transition: dear ones leaving for the summer or longer who deserve proper send-offs. And over here, a new routine to establish and settle into. Bittersweet, but also much needed: summer is here.