“you’re the reason i’m a travelin’ on…

Don’t think twice, it’s alright”. Sigh. A favorite Dylan song — impossible to have just one. Anyway, I can throw that one into the title because I am, in fact, travelin’ — home from the East after several days of work and play. Here are a few pictures from the trip:


This was home, once.


Here is the purl scarf on its intended owner/wearer, my best friend. She wears it well, no? We did lots of catching up — which, even though we talk VERY regularly, is best done in person — over eggs, sushi, cheesy movies, malai kofta, coffee, hot chocolate — and knitting, c.f.


(Is that a proper use of c.f., Ms. Esquire?) Note the beginnings of a garter brim hat! This looks much better than my first knitting project. I worked on these mitts — made from this recently posted pattern over at Twinknit.


I finished these very quickly, thanks, in part, to my role as a wannabe chaperone at a prep school Saturday night concert. When someone has to repeat songs in order to fill the allotted time, be grateful you have knitting!

Courthouses are cold. I give you one solution:


Also, because this blog needs even more cuteness, behold the dog. I wrapped him in a blanket, and he really didn’t know what to do.



I’ll be home soon, but it will still be a few more days before I am posting regularly. Turns out my logic board is busted, and my MacBook needs a bit of professional love in order to connect to the web via my ethernet cable. I’m dropping it off in the morning.