sensing a theme.

“Boh wants to go shopping.” (Clearly. Because he’s wearing a hat, a scarf, a down vest, and has a canvas tote bag on his arm.) I don’t think Boh would tolerate this from me, but he really likes the boy. And so, as you can see here, yesterday he got ready to go shopping.

It is so hard to be a big dog.

Oh, right. Some knitting! After finishing yesterday’s book, I realized that I really should cast on the pinwheel blanket I am planning to give my cousin on the occasion of her wedding, which is in a few weeks. I’m using Cascade 220 and size 7 needles. (Note to self: dedicate some time to citron, too!) I watched the pilot of Arrested Development (how have I not seen this show?) and listened to a few podcasts, and miraculously the fiddly mess that is this pattern in its earliest stages began to look like a real pinwheel. It took three tries for me to get this started — I’m not sure joining 5 stitches in the round will ever get easier!

Boh and I have plans for a woodsy walk with his best friend (and one of mine) later in the day. Happy Friday!