road trip, part 1.


Boh and I camped halfway, and I managed to capture the last (blurry) moments of an Ozark sunset.


While this picture reveals a general state of disarray — a mere moment in my packing up process, I assure you — it highlights the importance of good coffee. I came equipped to make my own, and it was delicious. (This was the only time I got out my camp stove on the whole trip, and I’m glad I brought it!)


Several hundred miles later, the backside of the mountains I used to photograph out my front door came into view.


The next morning, Boh and I were lounging in the sun in the backyard of our dear hosts. I miss desert mornings most of all, and I tried to absorb as much early morning sun as I could. (Yep, that’s Mara. She’s getting bigger and ever more blob-like.)



[ETA: this photo taken by the lovely oogaknits on ravelry.]

We enjoyed a leisurely stroll above 10,000 feet (and were surprised by how well we slept that night).


(to be continued…)

car commercial picture.

At knitting group this evening, there was much discussion of silver Hondas. I may have mentioned that I like to take pictures of my CR-V, particularly when the situation at hand requires that I get out the picnic table in the back, sort of like we are in a car commercial.

I’m learning that you can’t mention such a thing to people who actually READ your blog without requests to post photographic evidence of said table/car. Here’s the best CR-V and picnic table shot I’ve got, taken in the fall of 2006, on the CR-V’s inaugural camping trip. It’s not a great picture of me. It was a deceptively cold October weekend during elk season (not that we were hunting), and I’m both shoving food into my mouth and wearing many flattering layers of warmth, but the CRV and the picnic table look fabulous:


While I’m dipping into the photo archives, here are a few more pictures from that trip (taken by my camping companion, who likely has no problem with me using his pictures, but also has no idea that I have a blog, so forgive me for not properly/formally crediting him):


That looks like a setting suitable for a CR-V commercial, no?


Sigh. I’m going to miss living and playing out here.