Weekend highlights from the iPhone: First, Boh claimed a small rug near the fireplace as his own. (This became prime real estate when a fire was actually burning in the fireplace, which occurred at least twice during the holiday weekend.)

Yes, Dad, I’ll have a martini with my transcription, thankyouverymuch.

Proof that bathroom mirror photos can be way more glamorous. (Note the poinsettia in the shower.) I found this awesome 100% wool sweater of cable-y goodness in my childhood closet (which is now mostly filled with my mom’s stuff). I think I asked for this for Christmas about ten years ago, and Santa delivered. And within a few years, somehow, it seemed out of style. To be fair, I moved to Southeast Asia and then to the desert, where a super-dense sweater might not be the first thing to reach for. And I didn’t yet knit. Anyway, I’m so happy to have found it. I pulled it on this morning over whatever I was wearing as I worked, and I love it. I imagine this will be a go-to sweater for taking Boh out as the mornings get colder.

Time to unpack and then enjoy the leftovers I brought home with me!