graduation weekend (and week), part 2.

Alright. You asked for regalia pictures, so here are a few:

may27 - 1

Fancy robes, poofy hat.

may27 - 2

And here’s a picture of my doctoral hood. (My parents were really into the hood; I had to stand with my back to them for several pictures.)

may27 - 3

And here’s how I continued celebrating after they headed home: with champagne from my dissertation defense and a new nameplate, courtesy of a dear friend. (“Professor Rooster,” it says.)

may27 - 4

Here’s my sweet dog being sort of silly — stretching out his back leg for a scratch.

may27 - 5

And here’s my Avery cowl. I’ve knit a few rows on it–the counting makes it a bit more involved than most of what I’ve been knitting more recently, but I do think it will be squishy and lovely.

may27 - 6

Course prep with a furry footrest.

may27 - 7

More pesto and a sleepy dog.

may27 - 8

Phlox along the path we walked on Tuesday.

may27 - 9

Boh does a little light reading.

may27 - 10

Here he is, in his first ever ride in my new-to-me car. Also his first ride in his dog hammock (that thing that goes between the front and back seats to protect the cushions and keep an animal from leaping into the front, not that Boh ever really does that). I was so sad to say goodbye to my 03 CRV, but it has needed a lot of work lately. So, new wheels, thanks to Mom and Dad Rooster. They’ve been planning to get a new car, and as a graduation present, they offered to trade in mine, which was considerably older than theirs. So Boh and I are getting used to our new ride. I know he looks nervous, but he really did settle right in once we got moving.

may27 - 11

And this picture is in the running for what may be the greatest selfie I’ve managed to take of the two of us, mostly because of his goofy face! (We’re at our favorite spot by the creek here.)

may27 - 12

Out cold, and using his bone for a pillow.

may27 - 13

A strawberry buttermilk cake. Just because.

may27 - 14

More napping.

may27 - 15

Avocado, sriracha, and cheddar on toast, all put under the broiler. A favorite snack. I made some an hour ago, so you are all caught up on things here in Roosterland. More of an indoor day today because it is hot and humid, but Boh and I are planning a really nice walk for tomorrow.



actual knitting content.

On Saturday night, a couple hours after returning home, I went over to visit with my favorite greyhound and his people (who were kind enough to remind me to bring some knitting). We listened to an episode of This American Life, and I made a little bit of progress on the body of my Snowbird cardigan.

Remember this? The cold weather has me itching to knit cozy, cuddly accessories, so I dug out my Avery cowl and finished the first repeat. A couple more, and I’ll be able to wrap this around my neck. Twice.

I acquired some pink/purple cords, and I’m pretty sure these will help keep me happy this winter. I wear a lot of neutrals, so this bit of brightness should complement much of my wardrobe.

I snapped this shot on my way home after Thanksgiving. Snow was falling, and thick clouds were gathering over this silo. It will be December next week, and it’s time. I’m still getting used to bundling up! (Thank goodness for knitwear.)

And then there’s this guy. He’s been keeping me company on the couch these last few days. My mom was sick over Thanksgiving break, and on Sunday morning, I woke up with the first signs of the same thing: laryngitis and a chest cold. After overexerting myself yesterday, I decided to cancel everything today and focus on getting better. (And, I hope, writing at least a few pages of the diss chapter I’m working on.) I’m pretty sure I’ll be knitting a bit today too…