I’m in the homestretch: writing my last paper of my first semester of grad school. Oh, what’s that I’m wearing?


More knits in action: thanksgiving day mitts, clapotis and le slouch. It’s cold in my apartment! Also, someone has earned his socks, though he won’t get them til next week:


Fact: fresh bread makes paper writing ever-so-much more bearable.

Hope you’re well. I’ll be posting more knitting progress when I actually get to pick up my needes again — there is a looming pile of holiday knits waiting for me once I’m done writing…


action shots.



Brrr! It’s cold outside! (And inside, in my apartment, often mid-day, when the heat takes a break.) That means it is time to bundle up and take Boh out for a stroll. Nothing much to report over here — today was an uber-productive day. My long paper is half written, I have a better sense of where the paper is going, the boy came over and made dinner/impressed me with his crossword skillz, and I’m currently listening to Neil Young croon, “Baby mellow my miiiiind…” (Okay, so I’ve been listening to that song on repeat.) If I can read and summarize an additional book for class tomorrow, I get to do a bit of knitting before bed.

Hope you all had restful holidays — good luck getting back into your Monday routines tomorrow!