I’m home, after a week filled with north country hiking, Quebec snowshoeing, catching up with a friend who makes incredible lemon meringue pie in Montreal, and even working on a sock by the woodstove, glass of wine in hand, with a fellow knitter. Much french bread was consumed, and many kilometers were walked/hiked/snowshoed. Thus, success. The prospect of returning home was made a bit easier by the sight of these two:



My brother was kind enough to come to town to house-sit and hang out with Boh. Looks like they had a good time. Also, since this space purports to be about knitting, here’s that sock I mentioned:


It is the first sock of a second pair of Thuja, knit with a 48 st cast on. These are for my uncle — I wrapped the yarn for him to open on Christmas, but I wanted to measure his feet before beginning these. Nobody likes to receive (or knit!) socks that don’t fit.

Must go check on the pie in the oven — 09 knitting goals coming soon…