bsj progress.

I am really enjoying this — the recipe format of the pattern makes me feel like this is really moving along. I’ve finished the initial decreases, and am about to begin the increases (again). I snapped this picture because you can see the wavy-ness that indicates that I’ve done a bit of frogging. I did 4 of the increase row pairs using a basic M1 — lifting that strand between the stitches, and there is just no definition. I think I’d prefer to make these increases look like those on a top-down raglan, as it looked a bit funny to have my seam just disappear after the decreases. Things like these remind me of how much I am learning each time I work on a project. Last year at this time, I would not have even considered sliding 106 fingering weight stitches off a circular, ripping back, and putting the stitches back on the needle — no matter what the reason. Today, the decision to rip back was a no-brainer: I can make this look better. Why wouldn’t I frog 10 rows and start again? As I begin graduate school next week, I think I am going to particularly appreciate how visible progress and growth are in something like knitting, as I think my own learning and development as a scholar and teacher will be harder for me to see while it is happening.