FO: agnes.

Someday I hope to take pictures of this sweater in the wild (and in natural light). But for now, I think I have to accept that these pictures, snapped last night in my ugly hallway (and while the sweater was, to be honest, still a little damp) will have to do, because it is going to be almost 80 degrees outside today. Beautiful, but not Agnes weather. (And I might be pouting a little bit about that.)  Blocking has loosened up and evened out everything, of course, and now Agnes is perfectly cozy without being sloppy, if that makes sense. You can still see the spot where I dropped down to increase several times after the fact — on the back of the right shoulder (which is why I took that silly picture)– but it is way less noticeable than it was before blocking. When I make this again (because I could probably use at least two more of these sweaters), I might double up the purl rows at the pockets so that whatever contrast color I choose stands out even more. Also, I think this sweater will be an important part of my dissertation writing process.

On that note, here’s another installment of “fake-it-’til-you-make-it” here at Chez Rooster. On Saturday morning I realized that I needed to put on a button-down shirt to make myself do some writing. And it worked. Never have I been so happy to get 200 words out of my fingers and onto the screen.

And here’s my next project from Wool Book One: Avery. I’m making this cowl in two skeins of Malabrigo in the perfect shade of rusty red-orange. To wear with my Agnes, of course.


7 thoughts on “FO: agnes.

  1. I couldn’t wait to order wool for my Agnes so I cast on with very inexpensive bulky yarn. Since it’s my first sweater I decided that this would be my practice piece and if it is wearable, great! So far it’s going well. Thanks for your Agnes posts, it’s the perfect warm friend for the midwest winter.

  2. Fabulous sweater! I’ve knit patterns that I’ve loved enough to want to make another, but to already say you’d like to make 2 more?!?! Wow! I don’t think the part where you dropped down to increase is very noticeable at all.

    Mmm… malabrigo. Now that’s just the ticket for fall.

  3. Lovely sweater! Would love to start knitting warnm sweaters but around here summer has come back :-( Looking forward to watching your cowl grow – the pattern looks interesting!

  4. Think we will never have sweater weather here. Which makes the fact that I have never knitted a sweater acceptable.

    Visited five LYS this weekend in search of rusty orange-red yarn. (That’s what you can do on an anniversary trip after 32 years.) And I never found one. Can you tell me the color name or number of yours?

  5. I love this sweater so much!! It looks absolutely fabulous on you. Big congrats on the writing … every little bit helps.

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