we’re here!

july31 - 5

We’re here! And there’s a big, lovely tree in this front yard, too.

july31 - 2

I put down Boh’s favorite rug (which was on the lake house porch), and he immediately claimed a spot at the door.

july31 - 4

He mostly stayed on my bed during my early unpacking, but as soon as I was able to acquire a new-to-us couch, he settled right in.

july31 - 1

I am in love with the main room of this house — a big open space for living and dining and working. After five days of cleaning and unpacking, this room is starting to look like home. (Special thanks to my mom — she’s been here with me, and it wouldn’t look even half this good without her help!)

july31 - 3

Had my first bowl of yogurt and granola–with peaches!–in the new house. Happy colors, happy dog, happy rooster.


9 thoughts on “we’re here!

  1. I’ve loved your style for so long now. Finally I’ll get up the courage to leave a comment:

    I dreaded your leaving of the old, familiar, loved place. But this??! I’m overjoyed.

  2. Your new house looks wonderful, I love your wood floors and the fireplace! I’m so glad Boh has adjusted, moving can be tough on our buddies. Best of luck as you begin your new position.

  3. What a wonderful space! I’m so happy and excited for you and Boh. And how nice that your yellow table made the move. ;)

  4. It’s what mothers do. My daughter (your age) and her family moved a month ago. I just got home from helping paint and hang pictures. Love your new place.

  5. Looks like you’re settling in beautifully! So much space! I hope you and Boh get to take some nice long walks to explore your new environs.

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