settling in.

I haven’t meant to not be posting; just so much going on. Here are a couple of snippets from the last week or so. As you can see, we’re starting to settle in.

aug11 - 8

My yellow table is back in the kitchen. The things you see on the table and on the walls come from at least 5 different people from all corners of my life, which is pretty cool. (Or at least I think so.)

aug11 - 1

This guy. That ear.

aug11 - 2

Smitten Kitchen sesame noodles.

aug11 - 3

Banana nut espresso muffins from Super Natural Cooking.

aug11 - 4

Me in my new home.

aug11 - 5

New chair, and my favorite little corner of my room.

aug11 - 6

Documenting that I wore blue, purple, and pink all at the same time. (Sort of an unusual color combination for me…)

aug11 - 7

Everything on this plate came from the farmers’ market last weekend. Everything!


5 thoughts on “settling in.

  1. Yayyy! So happy to see an update! It looks like you and Boh are getting into the swing of things there. There’s nothing like having your own stuff on the walls and a few tasty meals under your belt to make a place start to feel like home.

  2. Y’all look at home in the new house. I’m fixin’ to try the Smitten Kitchen recipe. (Figured we can speak Southern now.)

  3. Looks like you’re settling in. I Being able to display things that special people have given you makes a house a home.
    Is that a milk or laundry chute above the yellow table, though I suppose it would be a strange place for a laundry chute.
    I found the Smitten Kitchen recipe, looks yummy.
    Boh looks like he’s enjoying his new home.

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