saying goodbye.

july19 - 5

A lovely lake sunset, from sometime last week. (After a good swim with a friend.)

july19 - 4

Lounging on the Arts Quad, maybe for the last time.

july19 - 7

A happy dog, on the couch we’re giving away.

july19 - 6

A downy woodpecker — the one I like to think keeps coming back to the black walnut tree in my front yard, and sometimes taps on my porch windows. I stood under this tree and watched her for a solid 20 minutes yesterday morning. This sweet bird (and so many others) have kept me company here. (The yard was filled with birds yesterday–it’s like they knew that I’d packed my binoculars and bird books the night before.)

july19 - 1

And this morning I took my mug of coffee down to the end of the dock.

july19 - 2

I watched sailboats and swallows, and appreciated the morning calm.

july19 - 3

This is the week that I say goodbye. And I’m excited about the next thing–a new home, new town, new job. But this place has been kind to me these last seven years, and I think it will be hard to leave. (Finishing up my summer grading this week, packing up the house, and driving south to my new home next weekend. Stay tuned!)



8 thoughts on “saying goodbye.

  1. Wishing you and Boh all kinds of good luck and happiness as you start the next chapter in your lives! Leaving a place where you’ve done a lot of important living is hard, I think. But it’s exciting to imagine the new experiences that await. I’ll be sending good energy your way from the Smoky Mountains. :)

  2. Don’t know how far south you’re driving, but you are heading in my direction. :-) Wishing you well in your new journey.

  3. Wishing you all the best in your new adventures! Bittersweet to say good-bye to sunsets and lakeside living, I’m sure.

  4. You’re leaving a beautiful place and chapter in your life, but what incredible memories. All those memories will help you in your new life. I wish you and Boh happiness and safe travels!

  5. Wow! Those 2 weeks flew by. I was there for 7 years too. It is a hard place to leave. Safe travels and best wishes! See you on the flip side.

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